Small business and large business

Our small and large business services are tailored based on the need of clients’.Whether it is a small of or a big one, we can cover all cleaning needs to ensure your business looks more attractive.

In this regards we have a professional team that always ensures your workplace is left clean, tidy and free of toxic chemical for your customers and staff. When we clean your office:

  • We empty all bins, empty all drinks bottles and cans into janitor’s cart waste receptacle then put them in a designated receptacle for recycle
  • We wipe all bins and put new bin liners
  • We dust all surfaces (desks, tables, telephone, computers and keyboards) then do a spot clean with microfiber cloths)
  • We clean telephones and other desktop equipment, with Spray & wipe cleaner.
  • We spray a wipe cleaner to surfaces of furniture and chairs, then them
  • We spray glass cleaner onto wiper and clean glass surfaces
  • We clean metal surfaces such as; water fountains, sinks & elevator doors and door handles. Meanwhile, were move watermarks from the discussed surfaces using water stainless (high shine) steel spray wipe.
  • We vacuum, mop floors and spot clean carpet and mats and put back any furniture that was moved during the cleaning process.
  • Check around if there is anything that can still be done just to ensure your workplace is clean and pleasant.

In addition to our professional cleaning process, we use environmentally friendly chemical. Which means we care about the environment and the health of your employees. We believe in our moto that "so clean, you notice it". This mean s when when we clean even your costumers will notice it. We are working with an number of local small and large business. We will be happy to look after your cleaning needs. With our cleaning procedure we do not miss anything when we have a contract with you. We always go by a check list to ensure we cover everything. There are may cleaning companies that can not provide cleaning services at our standards.