Hospitality cleaning

We offer hospitality cleaning services for bars, hotels and pubs in various areas of Adelaide like from Salisbury, Mawson Lakes to Marion. We hold the hard floor prestigious certificate  IICRC certificate and are always proud to be trained by Jena Dyco. Our sercices are tailored based on the need of our clients. Whether it is a pub, bar or hotel our cleaners we can cover all cleaning needs.

We have a well trained and dedicated cleaners, who always ensures your business is left clean and tidy and. Customer satisfaction is our customary priority. That is why we normal offer a week free for new clients. When we clean our cleaning process includes:

  • Emptying all bins, empty all drinks bottles and cans into janitor’s cart waste receptacle then put them in a designated receptacle for recycle
  • Wiping all bins and put new bin liners
  • Dusting all surfaces (desks, tables, telephone, computers and keyboards) then do a spot clean with microfiber cloths)
  • Cleaning telephones and other desktop equipment, with Spray & wipe cleaner.
  • Spraying a wipe cleaner to surfaces of furniture and chairs, then them
  • Spraying glass cleaner onto wiper and clean glass surfaces
  • Cleaning metal surfaces such as; water fountains, sinks & elevator doors and door handles. Meanwhile, were move watermarks from the discussed surfaces using water stainless (high shine) steel spray wipe.
  • Vacuuming, mopping floors and spot clean carpet and mats and put back any furniture that was moved during the cleaning process.
  • Checking around to see if there is anything that can still be done just to ensure your workplace is clean and pleasant.

Beside our professional cleaning process, we use environmentally friendly chemical. Which means we care about the environment and the health of your employees. It has always been a pleasure to get to fix anything thing that has been missed by our staff. We always maintain communication with our client to ensure their satisfaction. In this regard, we use a communication book to allow us maintaining our relation with customers.