Who We Are : (Mission)

Excellent Professional Cleaning is a family owned business. We provide professional cleaning services in all sides of Adelaide. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high standard cleaning services. We are clean, courteous and always work hard to ensure our customers are happy beyond their cleaning Expectations. With our Occupational Health Safety and Welfare (OHSW) training and care about the environment; we always ensure the health and safety of our customers is upheld. This means that we use environmentally preferred range chemicals; that are biodegradable, non-toxic, chlorine free, phosphate free and colour coded just to be brief.

We have a rich background in the cleaning industry and hold prestigious and internationally recognized certificate (Jena Dyco and IICRC) in carpet, hard floor and upholstery training. This means we can cater for almost all your cleaning needs. Because we strive for quality, we are now aiming to specialize in leather care so that we can add on our skills to cater for all segment of the market.

Since we started we started our business, we have established a wide variety of clientele many of whom have decided to call us over and over. We have even signed on going contracts with some of our customers, which means you can trust us.

Our Approach :

Excellent Professional Cleanings we use a customer-centered approach. This means we tailor cleaning services depending on what our clients want us to cover whilst maintaining a labour costs that is competitive. Sometimes when it is necessary, we even go beyond the expectation of our customers, because we have cleaners who have good eyes for detail. We provide our client information about chemical we will be using in their house/work or business place.

For any ongoing cleaning contract we develop a cleaning schedule that we maintain with the use of a communication book system. This allows us to ensure our customers are happy with our services. Our leadership teem also conduct routine visits to all places where we are offering clearing services to ensure uphold high standards quality with our services. In addition to that our operational manager randomly conducts sites’ visits to ensure our staff are complying with our quality standards, environmental and Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare policies.

Our Staff :

Most of the cleaners at Excellent Professional Clean have been professionally trained or have about five years of experience in the cleaning industry. We even provide continuous learning to ensure our services continues to meet professional standards.

Why Choose Us :

There are many cleaning companies that simply cannot offer the professional know-how that is needed to produce clean and efficient cleaning services. We high quality and green equipments to provide a competitive is tailored to cleaning needs.