Education Centre

We provide professional cleaning services for childcare centre, school and gym. With our nursing background, we have infection control policy in place to insure schools and gym where are working clean. We use environmentally friendly chemical to sanitise all surfaces and equipments to ensure the protection of everyone. We have We have a very good understanding of clean environment. In this regards we provide comprehensive cleaning services that involve and removal of germs,dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. We also disinfect everything that is susceptible to be a germ carrier. With our good understating of the impact of toxic chemical on the environment, we are very careful about the use of any chemical that can cause any medication emergency like asthma and others. We always provide our clients with a communication book to inform us of anything that might require attention. After our services we always call or send one of our experienced staff to check if the job was well done. Otherwise we will send some our cleaners to fix any thing that was not properly done and the staff that did the job may me required to go for supervision to ensure next time is working according to our standards. Most of school and gym that we clean have a very good reputation for cleanness. You can be wrong by choosing us, we are proudly Jena Deco trained and we are hard floor specialised with the prestigious IICRC certificate. Beside cleaning we also care about the environment and it impact on human health. We have nursing background, which mean we are very committed to infection control. We are always careful when it comes to selecting chemicals. We mostly use environmentally friendly chemical. Our professional services are always provided at affordable price. our school and gym cleaning services is always super.