Why Choose Us

Satisfaction guarantee

Customary we provide cleaning services that are tailored to our needs whilst maintaining a labour costs that is competitive. We provide our client information about chemicals we will be using in their house/work or business place. Our cleaner always keep a standardised checklist to ensure they do not miss anything. We also provided our client with a communication book to inform us of anything that might require attention. After our services we always call or send one of our experienced staff to check if the job was well done. Otherwise we will send some our cleaners to fix any thing that was not properly done and the staff that did the job may me required to go for supervision to ensure next time is working according to our standards.

Will Beat Any Written Quote

We offer our professional services at a very competitive cost compared to many cleaning business in the state.

Eco Friendly

We use Agar environmentally friendly chemical and we always provide their information to our clients if requested. All these products are certified use to be green. Which means you we will definitely leave your house, office, bar, restaurant, hotel in a pleasant view and free of toxic chemical.

Professional Services

We have a rich background in the cleaning industry and hold prestigious and internationally recognized certificate (Jena Dyco and IICRC) in carpet, hard floor and upholstery training. This means we are not opportunistic cleaner, it is a profession we hove chosen to follow